JW Income, the creator of Financial Harmonics™ would  like you to know that your money can provide lasting and inflation adjusted income… for life,  with institutionally backed guarantees – more so than you may have imagined.

Spend a few minutes to watch the videos on this site.  They are concise…and tell an important story that you’ll not want to miss. You will learn of a unique mathematical income producing process, based on empirical concepts that have been time-tested and augmented by Financial Harmonics™ . The strength of Financial Harmonics™  and its income producing power are without peer.


THE most powerful process to produce retirement income: LIPP

LIPP will prove out to be the most powerful process to produce retirement income, which we define as being income received, with inflationary increases. NO magic formulas, no multi-level schemes, no foreign exchange, derivatives, etc. View our video for more information on how this is possible. Read More

The Spend-Down Problem

Are you concerned about running out of money caused by low interest rates, fees or inadequate market returns? Simply put, the Spend-Down Problem is the potential that a retiree has in running out of money. LIPP (Lifetime Income Plus Plan) is a unique and proprietary income planning system that can protect your income from eroding no matter what the economy, the stock market, or interest rates may do in the future. Also there are no direct fees involved. Read More

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