Planning for Retirement with Financial Harmonics™ Gives You Financial Security

You’ve worked hard; you’ve invested, saved money, and taken care of your loved ones. And in doing so you’ve had to overcome many challenges and hurdles.

Now as you set about planning for retirement you require that this next phase of your life be financially secure and certain.

The phase of your life is not for the taking by things (swerving events and bad economic news) that can throw your post-career life into jeopardy, causing your well – intentioned plans to go by the boards. This has happened to many retirees that weren’t as diligent and discerning as you are.

How Financial Harmonics™ Differs From Other Retirement Plans

We know how serious you are about planning for retirement. That’s why you’re here, visiting our site.

You’ve watched the news, seen the ads, committed to doing investment research, met with advisors, listened to sales pitches, and on and on. Everyone wants a piece of your money… and has the answers you need (according to them) about how to keep your money growing …and safe.

Yet deep down, you know there is something missing. Perhaps you haven’t found the answers that you are looking for.

One of the answers that we can offer you, immediately, is to learn to ask the right questions.

Many retirees initially ask an advisor “what is your investment philosophy for a moderately conservative investor” or “what do you see on the horizon in the international sector”, or something along these lines.

But a more important question may be “how are you going to plan my income so that it lasts the rest of my life regardless of how the markets perform” or “ how are you going to contractually guarantee significant inflationary raises along the way, without depleting my money”.

When you ask these types of questions to advisors that are seeking to manage your money, you may find that many will shy away. Perhaps you’ve already tried.

As you learn more about Financial Harmonics™ and its ability to provide you increasing levels of income without any reliance upon the market, you will notice some major differences that may not have been presented to you elsewhere.

For one, your input into the designing of the plan is crucial. Your LIPP™ – trained advisor will guide you through the procedure and steps, to create maximum flexibility in your plan.

Planning for retirement starts with income planning – and that is where Financial Harmonics™ stands out from any other planning procedure.

Why LIPP™ is like your own Personal Pension Plan

LIPP™ uses planning factors that are missing in many other plans. The “Life Expectancy” (LE) credits used in true Defined Benefit (DB) corporate pensions, are now available to you in Financial Harmonics™ ™.

If you worked in a large corporate environment, you may have a DB as part of your benefits.

The Life Expectancy credit, if used properly can protect your income for as long as you are alive, without age limits. Financial Harmonics™ ™ uses the LE credit to its maximum advantage.

Conversely, if Life Expectancy credits are not used (most common) your accumulation or investment plan that then turns to your distribution or income plan is often at risk of depleting itself, as you draw out income. This could occur because of withdrawals made, bad investment performance, low interest, inflation, fees or any combination of these.

The process of planning for retirement and creating income that you can’t outlive follows a different set of rules. That’s how Financial Harmonics™ came into being…it has organized those rules for you!

Why Choose JW Income for your Retirement Planning

JW Income and affiliate Financial Harmonics™ trained advisors around the country are your best resource for creating and implementing a secure income plan for your entire life. Financial Harmonics™ was devised by us and tested, for our clients with great results. The design is what counts.

If your advisor is not Financial Harmonics™ ™ trained, the important income producing facet of your plan may be at risk, that is: the risk of losing or depleting the resource that produces your income.

Call us today to see why.

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