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Tax Planning

Having your tax done by a CPA or enrolled agent, or whomever you have using, as  long as that preparer is competent is fine. Getting your tax bill as low as legally is allowed by law is your right, even your duty, if you will. But that is only half the equation.

The other half is becoming proactive in finding ways to reduce your taxes next  year… and the years after. Most preparers, even the best ones, do not offer this service …and it could be costing you $1000s per year.

We can assist you, in that we may be able to find ways to reduce your taxes into the future.

Long Term Care Strategies

Buying LTC coverage is one way to protect your estate from devastating LTC costs. But there are other alternatives, and other ways to create these types of benefits, without incurring any direct or cash-flow reducing costs.

Disability Income Protection

If you are still working, becoming sick or injured over a long period – and not being able to earn your living as you do now – can have harmful effects on your future financial condition. It is important to assess this area and evaluate different types of coverage for yourself and your family.

Legal Services

In this litigious society we live in, having access to a specialized attorney can be quite valuable, although expensive. There are countless way in which someone can bring a legal complaint or even file suit against you. Normally you may have to engage an attorney, even to find out what your rights are or defend yourself.

You may have a problem with a credit card or utility bill and need legal advice. It may be a death of a loved one or a dispute over a something you purchased and you need legal assistance.

Through our affiliation with Legal Shield(SM) you can now have unlimited telephone consultations, for any legal issue, for a low monthly flat fee. If you needed to retain an attorney for litigation or specialized services, you’d receive a substantial hourly discount as a member.

Call us for more information. Call 206-517-8066.

Identity Theft

Occurrence of identity theft is on the rise. Your reputation  and credit are hard to repaid once someone hacks your identity and causes damage.
IndentityShield (SM) will immediately notify you if anyone illegally uses your identity, so that they can be stopped immediately.

Medicare Supplement Planning

Medicare planning is a must if you are nearing age 65. Call us to discuss your options

Travel Medical Coverage

If you travel and are concerned about what would happen if you got sick or injured, we have an affordable solution.
We have a unique air lift plan, whereby, with just a phone call from anywhere in the world,
you would be airlifted home, once you are stable, at no cost to you whatsoever.

Jay Weinstein, RFC (R), ChFEBC, CCPS
JW Income

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