Immediate Annuities Can Help Protect Your Income

Looking For Lifelong Income?

If you are looking for lifelong income, an Immediate Annuity, with a single-life payout, can be helpful in giving you that needed protected income, no matter how long you live.

With an immediate annuity, you are transferring the risk of providing income to a financial institution willing to take on that risk. Percentage-wise, there are only a few willing to do this.

Income from an Immediate Annuity, where the payout level is primarily based off of your deposit amount and age, is contractually bound by the institution issuing the Immediate Annuity. It’s quite unusual for any financial instrument to have this unique and unparalleled quality of lifelong income which is contractually guaranteed.

What a Mutual Fund Will Do

Will any mutual fund do this? How about a CD at the bank? Will the advisor who is managing your portfolio offer you a life-long guaranteed income that is contractually bound to last for the rest of your life? You can be assured that the answer to these questions is no.

Yet there still is an issue with an immediate annuity that is not so attractive; that is the giving up permanently, the use of the money that you would deposit into an immediate annuity, in order to receive this contractually guaranteed income.

So it becomes quite a choice; do you give up access to your money, or do you keep it invested someplace and try to generate your own income, knowing that it is possible that you may spend it down and deplete your account one day. That would not be good.

Financial Harmonics™, in many cases is the tool; the planning procedure that you will need moving forward to help you make intelligent choices. The concept is simple. If you’re planning on living a long time, then you must have income to support yourself. And you’d probably want that same income to be designed – and bound – to last equally as long as you do… and perhaps even longer to your spouse or kids.

If you’re like a lot of retirees, as you need to draw income you will be facing decisions about using interest… or growth, and principle. But you will need to keep an eye on protecting your money against longevity.

Even if you are very wealthy (or not), you’ll want to continually ensure, with contractual protection, that your money lasts for the rest of your life. Financial Harmonics™ can provide you with the best choices to accomplish this.

The Best Features of Immediate Annuities Are Contained In Financial Harmonics™

It is important to note that Financial Harmonics™ rarely makes use of immediate annuities. Financial Harmonics™ instructs and teaches you how to keep access to your money – for as long as possible. This is a very important point: to keep your money accessible.

However, by way of its proprietary design, Financial Harmonics™ can help you create the same type of protected income provided by immediate annuities – without actually using them. It’s the best of both worlds!

Financial Harmonics™ can do this, in part, because it makes no use of unsecured or risky financial instruments. There are many other reasons LIPP™ can accomplish this for you, and your family as well.

Educating yourself on the wonders of Financial Harmonics™ may be the best research you have ever done on the subject of providing retirement income to yourself that you won’t outlive.

Watching the videos on this site will be a great start. Then, if you have further interest, contact us to get more information.

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